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Celebrating Our Seniors…It Gets Better With Age!


Social Services Network invites you to ‘Celebrate Our Seniors‘ on Friday June 14th.

June is Senior’s Month in Ontario, a great time for seniors to celebrate their lives and the many ways they continue to make our Province a better place to live. Ontario’s 2013 theme – The Art of Living– celebrates how seniors in Ontario have created their own unique approach to living.

The report by Dr. Samir K. Sinha, Provincial Lead, Ontario’s Seniors Strategy, stated that the proportion of Ontario’s population living longer and living well into their later years has never been greater. Our Province is also aging faster than ever before. In 2011, there were 1,878,325 Ontarians aged 65 years and older, representing 14.6 per cent of province’s overall population and he highlighted the importance of meeting the needs of the growing population.

At the Celebration, SSN will highlight some of the programs and services for the seniors and how the South Asian Seniors can access these services to improve their quality of life.

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