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The ACE Awakening


Acclaimed Public Speaker, Coach and Best-selling Author, Murali Murthy has launched his second book in The ACE Series, The ACE Awakening8 Milestones to Scale the Peaks of Life.

The ACE Awakening is yet another concise and immensely powerful book from the author after the much acclaimed The ACE Principle. An inspiring journey towards self-discovery, The ACE Awakening is packed with strong motivational ‘ACE Insights‘. The book enables readers to define success for themselves, identify its relevance in their own lives and reach the peaks they desire.

How do you stay grounded? Climb a mountain. In his second book, Murali shares his personal experience of trekking across one the most inhospitable terrains in India and overcoming extreme challenges to successfully climb five perilous peaks. The author uses his experience of reaching the top of the mountain as a metaphor to the challenges in life we all face and brings you the Eight Milestones that will help you on the journey to reach the Pinnacle of Excellence in your own life.

The ACE Awakening is now available on Amazon as well as its Kindle platform.

For more information or to get your own autographed copy, click HERE.

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