My success story as a Newcomer to Canada

I’m proud of whatever I’ve been able to achieve in a short span since I’ve been in this country.

I came here in Fall 2007 for a 2 semester study program at Seneca College. I have always lived on my own eversince I’ve been in this country. While living here, I started liking the city and felt like part of the people here, and so applied for a Permanent Resident status.

Although I have alot of friends now and a good social life, I had no friends to begin with. However I’m really thankful to have had alot of extended family here who were a huge social support initially.

After completing the study program, I started working for Telus Mobility as a Full-time sales rep. Eventhough it was a retail job, I made more than minimum wage and have always made enough to support myself. Within a year of working, I was promoted to a Store Manager. Now I’ve been in this country for less than 3 years, and working with the same company for less than 2 years and have managed to save enough money to have bought a condo in Richmond Hill and am going to be moving into my own property by the end of this month.

By: Aamana

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