Do you have Canadian Experience?

This book is an account of one South Asian woman’s journey in Canada. The title is the question asked by the employers in Ontario, Canada, when a new immigrant goes for a job interview. She feels that the question, “Do you have Canadian experience?” is both ridiculous and unfair.

The book vividly portrays the struggles, barriers, joys, and triumphs she faces on this journey. It is a fiction as far as the names of the characters are concerned and real as far as the incidents mentioned in the book. Her Christian faith helps her come to terms with the bigger picture and recognize God’s divine plan for her, in spite of the hurt and disappointment she feels at being rejected for promotions at her workplace. Her twenty-plus years in Canada make her realize the benefits and blessings she and her family have enjoyed, the opportunities they have had, and the comfortable lifestyle they have been able to establish in this great country. Though the book starts with her experiences of utter frustration and travels through her many trials and tribulations, it comes to rest in gratitude and praise for this awesome country, Canada.

About the Author

Geetha Patel was born and educated in Mangalore, which is in South India. She is Roman Catholic and faith has been an important part of her life. She graduated with a B.A.B.Ed. degree from the University of Mysore. After her marriage to a Zoroastrian architect, she lived in the U.S.A. for about five years with her husband and returned to India. She migrated to Canada with her two children in 1987. After upgrading her teacher qualifications, she was employed in a large Catholic school board in Ontario.

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