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Canadian Immigration Extends Indian Mother’s Super Visa – Global Visas

Global Visas have reported the issuance of a Canadian Super Visa to an Indian mother visiting her daughter in Canada. This visa has let her remain in the country for longer.

Super Visas, launched in December, allows parents and grandparents from abroad to visit their children in Canada for up to 24 months each visit. The intention of introducing this move was to clear some of the backlog of Canadian visa applications under the family reunification scheme.

Nonetheless, when Meena Parekh arrived in Canada, a six-month limit was put on her stay, meaning she was unable to help her daughter look after her new baby for as long as she had initially intended. Parekh’s daughter, Liza Parekh, has diabetes and will need her mother’s help looking after her baby, which is due in April.

Since then, the mother and daughter had written to the Canadian immigration minister, but received no response. On the other hand, after The Star ran the story in their newspaper, Ms. Parekh heard that her visa had indeed been extended.

Ms. Parekh voiced that the CIC hadn’t given them the exact reason for this positive change in the decision but said that it was “influenced by our letter to the minister.”

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