Canadian Dream

Babukishan’s Canadian Dream movie is a guide for new immigrants

A new movie Canadian Dream made by an immigrant for other immigrants puts the struggles of newcomers in Canada up front and centre.

“New immigrants come to Canada with educated, enthusiastic, energetic and positive hope. They have read all the websites about the wonderful opportunities in Canada. They are ready to start a new life, investing their life savings, all their effort, sometimes only to have their hopes dashed, when they realize it is not quite the picture that they had painted in their minds,” says the filmmaker Babukishan, himself an Indian-born immigrant to Canada.

The documentary drama follows an optimistic Indian family who arrives in Canada with hopes of a new life full of opportunity. However, they soon discover it is not quite as easy to find work or adjust to life in Canada as they thought.

“The teenage son is bullied and is disturbed watching his father struggle in a job that is below his level — he was a successful lawyer back in India,” says Babukishan. “This is a story of one young man’s struggle between working hard, and innocently enough he falls into the wrong company, the world of gangsters and drug dealing. He wants to make fast money, to help his family, and be accepted by a community that has rejected him.”

As the parents become suspicious of the cash their son is bringing in, their vision of their Canadian dream unravels. “Feeling isolated and estranged in this new land, the movie displays some of the struggles parents and children may face if they take the wrong route in Canada,” says Babukishan. “It gives an important message to parents to know what their children and teens are doing, to trust your intuition, and that there are resources in Canada that can provide help to new immigrants.”

Filmed by his production company Babukishan Bollywood Entertainment Productions International, Babukishan is a multi-talented artist, who comes from a family background of traditional folk music artists.

At an early age, Babukishan joined several youth folk festivals that travelled throughout the world from 1980 to 2002 as a music composer, musician and singer. He also toured with Bob Dylan’s the Band East & West tour in 1985, and has written music for several albums, TV shows and films. But he, too, has faced his own settlement struggles in Canada, and the entrepreneurial artist is always looking to recreate himself, now with this latest film project, Canadian Dream. “A new immigrant must create their own reality, a new reality, or perish,” he says.

Babukishan is currently entering the film into various film festivals and it will air Jan. 23, 9 p.m. on Shaw Multicultural Channel (116).

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