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TiEQuest 2014 Winner


After another successful season, TiE Toronto is pleased to announce that Seamless Mobile Health is the winner of TiEQuest 2014, at the finals – awards gala last evening, which was held at the Arcadian Court, Toronto.

The evening included pitches from the five finalists followed by live crowdsourced voting by the audience. The final winner was determined via the combined wisdom of a panel of expert judges and the audience vote. TiEQuest gratefully acknowledges the in-kind support provided by Ryerson University’s Digital Media Zone (DMZ) with the use of their software for the audience crowdsourced voting process.

TiEQuest 2014 winner Seamless Mobile Health. Seamless Mobile Health is an award-winning technology company enabling hospitals to deliver higher quality surgical care and prevent readmissions. Its patient engagement platform empowers patients with automated education, symptom tracking and real-time feedback throughout their surgery, from preparation to recovery. They leverage the data to help providers unlock key insights, perform advanced analytics and improve surgical outcomes.

The second place winner SenoSENSE SenoSENSE is a Toronto based medical device company commercializing a breakthrough technology for personalized breast cancer risk management.

Third place award was a tie between Post Beyond and Learning Bird.

Post Beyond’s platform enables organizations to easily engage and enable employees to communicate on social networks. Employees regularly receive personalized content on mobile phones and desktop computers in the form of a pin-board tiles on topics that they and their connections care about, and enables employees to easily share approved posts with their social network.

Whether it’s for marketing, sales, or human resources, PostBeyond makes public social media easy and fun through its ease of use and gamification. The platform creates a real-time, personalized content library for each employee, which helps grow their social reputation, attracting new employees and customers. The system measure specific corporate outcomes that drive revenue or reduce expenses.

Learning Bird Because kids learn differently, what works best for them will also be different. Learning Bird is an innovative online learning tool for K-12 student success, powered by multiple perspectives. Its proprietary learning algorithm matches digital lessons from the Nation’s teachers to the curriculum, textbooks and the individual learning style of each student. Learning Bird’s new cross-curriculum alignment engine allows students to access a wider range of lesson perspectives in order to find that “A-ha” moment. When a lesson helps a kid understand, our algorithm learns more about how they learn and they also share revenue directly with the teachers who added the lesson.

Parents can take a low-cost monthly subscription to Learning Bird that covers all the kids in the home and gives them access to all subjects in the Learning Bird system. Students learn. Teachers earn. Parents save. With Learning Bird, everyone wins!”

Shift Health was our other finalist Shift Health’s flagship product is TickiT, an interactive survey platform that breaks down the patient provider communication barriers in Healthcare. It does this by comfortably educating and preparing patients for the visit while collecting relevant data for physicians so face to face interactions can be focused on creating effective health outcomes.

TickiT’s enticing design is a result of continued stakeholder engagement from patients, physicians, and leaders in healthcare IT. It takes an innovative approach in providing all patients an opportunity to help patients share important and personal details about their health & lifestyle with its interactive, low-literacy and non-intimidating interface. For physicians, TickiT provides valuable patient data that allows them to provide more tailored and improved care to each individual. TickiT helps doctors and patients work together to create sustainable plans that lead to more effective health outcomes, and to encourage patients to make more informed decisions on their overall health.

TiEQuest 2014 also gratefully acknowledges the very generous support of our local angel investors, venture capitalists, fund managers and other business leaders in the corporate and government sectors in Canada for providing both cash sponsorship and various in-kind prizes. We thank them for their continued support of TiEQuest 2014.

We also wish to thank our tireless judges, mentors and volunteers; their help and enthusiasm made all our events proceed smoothly and on time.

TiEQuest is Canada’s largest business venture competition. TiEQuest 2014 attracted a total of 212 eligible entries from 325+ entrepreneurs. ICT was once again the most popular industry category with 45% of entries, followed by healthcare with 19%, lifestyle 8%, clean tech 6% and others 22%. The contestants applied from 20 municipalities from Canada and US.

TiE Toronto is part of the larger TiE global community whose focus is on generating and nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs, through mentoring, networking, and education.

TiE Toronto’s program also includes the TiE Institute, which offers education programs, seminars and conferences to aspiring entrepreneurs. The sessions are conducted through a combination of online and off-line programs and feature successful entrepreneurs and professors of leading universities. TiE Toronto also offers its members mentoring where TiE charter members and other successful entrepreneurial/business leaders devote their time to nurture entrepreneurship to new and aspiring entrepreneurs.

The entry deadline for TiEQuest 2015 is January 31, 2015 and registration will begin in mid-November 2014.

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