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Barriers to jobs

Barriers faced as a newcomer in the job market

Most of the barriers listed below come from research done with employers, and from the experiences of some newcomers.Some specific issues that Canadian employers have indicated they find with newcomers:1. Lack of fit

2. Language and communication barriers

3. Unfamiliarity with the “Canadian way”

4. Lack of recognition of foreign credentials and work experience

5. Licensing issues

6. Training and upgrading

7. Different standards for performance

8. Racism and discrimination

9. Ignorance

10. Inability to verify foreign work experience

11. Lack of experience working in Canada

12. Lack of knowledge of local labour market information (for example, employers, companies, hidden job market)

13. Lack of knowledge of support services in the community

14. Lack of knowledge of workplace rights

15. Misinformation (for example, from friends, family, community, service providers)

16. Inability to present yourself effectively to employers

17. Lack of child care

Employers have some of their own insights about the advantages and disadvantages of hiring newcomers. It is useful to know what employers are thinking about you. Many employers think:

Advantages to Hiring Immigrants

1. Hardworking

2. Good work attitude, respectful

3. Loyal

4. Often highly skilled

5. Create a more diverse workplace

6. New ideas

7. Flexible – will work shifts that are hard to fill

8. Will work for less money, initially

9. Help to serve clients in different languages

Barriers to Hiring Immigrants

1. Language, language, language! (Comprehension, writing, speaking/listening, reading)

2. Lack of experience with Canadian work culture and business etiquette

3. Temporary: want to go to other Canadian cities

4. Not able to work in a team

5. Frustration with being overqualified for their jobs

6. Cultural differences/misunderstanding: holidays, language, way of dressing themselves, religion

7. Sexism

8. Harder to integrate into working teams

Harder to assess skills/qualifications

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