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5 of the low-priced places in Canada to buy a home


Here are five of the cheapest cities in Canada to buy a house, according to the Canadian Real Estate Association. For newcomers these are some great options to purchase a home at an affordable price.

1. Moncton, New Brunswick
This city is located on the Petitcodiac River and has a population of 69,000. The average price of a home is $157,124. Moncton is known as one of the best places to live and work in Canada, and has a reputation for being a polite city.

2. Windsor-Essex, Ontario
Common price for a house in Windsor-Essex is $174,396.  In this region there are many small villages and farmlands. It is a garden area with the largest amount of greenhouses in North America.

3. Saint John, New Brunswick
Another small town with a population of about 70,000 is Saint John. The average house price is only $182,129 (compared with $601,900 for a home in Vancouver). Information technology, advanced manufacturing, energy, health care and tourism sectors are the core of Saint John’s economic foundation.

4. Thunder Bay, Ontario
Located on the north shore of Lake Superior — the world’s biggest freshwater lake — the average cost of a home is $199,642. Thunder Bay is a very diverse community with Croatian, Finnish, Italian, Scottish, Chinese, Ukrainian, Polish, French, Aboriginal as some of the bigger ethnic communities in this area.

5. Lethbridge, Alberta
Another small town in Southern Alberta, the cost of a home is on average $239, 097. Lethbridge has one of the largest areas of city parks in North America. The city’s economy is centred around health, education, retail and the hospitality sectors.

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