TiE Institute Entrepreneurship education program

Learn to lead social change through Entrepreneurship. Apply now by next week, we are almost there for Fall session.

Please apply and/or circulate this widely in your outreach for the benefit of the interested  change agent, entrepreneur, founder or young professional with a desire for creating change?

For your convenience here is a link to the 2014-15 Information Brochure 

The weekly sessions  for module 1 starting september will be held downtown Toronto in the evening with simultaneous webcast.

To apply for this program, please Click Here  now .

The objective of the program is to inspire and enable aspiring participants to ideate, learn, conceive, design, validate and develop implementable entrepreneurial initiatives with innovative solutions for positive impact.

TiESep enrolment  began in June 2014 and the in person sessions, workshops and “boot camps” will run from September 2014 to March 2015. World class faculty including seasoned entrepreneurs, educators and professional service providers will engage, motivate and mentor the participants.

In addition to interactive lectures and workshops, the experiential “boot camps” will provide highly practical training and mentoring with respect to all elements of the start-up process and the development of tools for yielding and measuring the social utility. The program will consist of at least 100 hours of content delivered in three modules.

The program will provide the aspiring participants the opportunity for education, actionable skills building, and mentoring and real experience required to convert ideas into reality. TiE will also connect select entrepreneur teams with a wide variety of sources of funding that can fuel and accelerate the development of their enterprises.

TiESep will be offered in 3 modules providing exposure, exploration and experiential learning as described below:

Module1 (Sept-Nov, 2014, In-person downtown weekly evening sessions, with live webcast)

A series of lectures and workshops focused on understanding the concept of  entrepreneurship, developing fundamental skills for the development and implementation of an entrepreneurial initiative .

Module2 (January, 2015)

Experiential Boot Camp-1, TiESep  Weekend:

An intense, hands-on, team-oriented and thoughtfully mentored weekend program during which participants will work together to build and pitch strategies for an originally and collaboratively hatched idea pitched to panel for selecting teams for module 2.

Module3 (February-April 2015)

Experiential Boot Camp-2; TiESep Launch Pad

Selected teams will evolve an enterprise idea, scope out target markets, design and execute an idea validation process and map out a market entry plan.

We intend to emulate best practices and programming features developed by recognised thought-leading entrepreneurship program such as the Lean LaunchPad run by Steven Bank at Stanford, Columbia and Berkeley and engage educators trained for this program.

Participants will enjoy extensive mentoring, learn to develop and present business concepts and develop a persuasion sequence for judges and investors.

Teams will also participate in TiEQuest business venture competition . The boot camp will comprise of activities involving extensive field work, mentoring and facilitation culminating in presentation.

The focus of the Institute is to provide interactive experiences and knowledge needed to discover and create entrepreneurial opportunities and result in successful business ventures.

All aspirants are eligible to apply and there will be no charge from Youth (below 29years), Women, New Canadians (less than 2 years) and TiE members for module1 sessions.

TiE Institute comprises of very large number of Guest faculty / mentors and experts comprising of Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, Investors, Bankers, Lawyers, consultants and Academia.

For more details on Faculty, Course Material and Videos for previous program and more information please visit HERE.

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