Science Rendezvous

Canada to arrange a Rendezvous with Science


Over 2,000 of Canada’s greatest innovators, researchers, engineers, and scientists, from 80 partner organizations will open their doors and close city streets to present exciting demonstrations, hands-on activities, and explosive experiments at Science Rendezvous; Canada’s largest national science festival. The annual festival will take place on May 11 this year.

“We got 150,000 footfalls last year and we are expecting a quarter million Canadians at this year’s event,” says Kelsey Miller, executive director of Science Rendezvous, an initiative that began in 2008. “Imagine a quarter million Canadians exploring science, blowing up fruit, isolating their own DNA.”

Sparking the curiosity of young minds from Grade 6 to 12, Science Rendezvous has something for the whole family and it’s free, says Miller.

The national event has 17 venues participating in Toronto alone including four universities, two hospitals, research institutes, the Ontario Science Centre, and libraries. Across Canada, there will be experiments and activities for the kids, lectures for the adults and interactive demonstrations for people of all ages.

“Our goal is to inspire the next generation of researchers and innovators by bringing them face-to-face with the leaders of today and reinvigorating the fun side of science. That is why the Science Rendezvous festival is so important, it brings all the sciences and scientists together at one time to take science to the streets – where the public can really get into it,” says Miller. “Science Rendezvous has something for everyone, from the physics of rock and roll to the chemistry of ice-cream!” Ms. Miller added.

The festival will open the doors of over $5-billion in state of the art research laboratories to the Canadian public.

“This is a unique event that gives ordinary people a chance to indulge their curiosities, to experience the thrill of discovery with some of the best scientists and science communicators in the world,” said Dan Riskinco-host of Discovery Canada’s Daily Planet. “There’s a pure joy that comes from finding something out yourself, instead of looking it up on Wikipedia, and Science Rendezvous brings that kick to families across the country.”

The event in May will have thousands of activities including on the street, in shopping malls, community centers, hospitals, universities, and research institutions. There will be a series of stage-show demonstrations at Dundas Square in downtown Toronto with host Dan Riskin; the Amazing Science Chase and hovercraft rides at the University of British Columbia; a race between a pulse-jet powered bicycle against a scuba tank powered car at the University of Regina and much more.

The festival began in 2008 in the Greater Toronto Area and has since grown to involve more than 2500 volunteers at 300 events across 30 cities across Canada.

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