The Potentialists Dream Circle

Join the first Dream Circle of 2013!

Do you find it tough to stay motivated towards your goals and gain the resources and connections you need?

The Potentialists have the perfect solution for you with the first Dream Circle of 2013!

Ask yourself, what if:

  • You didn’t have to feel like you’re alone while working on achieving your goals?
  • You could network with and be supported by peers who are also goal-oriented?
  • You could share your resources, knowledge and connections to help someone achieve their goals?

If this sounds appealing to you, then the Dream Circle is something you do not want to miss out on!

What’s a Dream Circle?

A Dream Circle is a collaborative process for people to mutually support one another with ideas, resources and contacts to achieve their goals.

In Toronto, so far over 200 people have experienced a Dream Circle and participants have said that they leave feeling a stronger sense of community, empowered to achieve their goals and connected with new like-minded friends in the city.

Participants are asked to come with an open mind, and also one goal they need help with, either in their personal or professional life.  This can range from a health goal, starting a project, to even achieving something from your bucket list. Anything goes and we’ll support you to make it happen!

Who are the hosts?

The Potentialists is a growing collaborative community in Toronto of goal-oriented people interested in leading fulfilling lives. We believe in the power of connection of people with great ideas and hope to harness this potential to create actualized people for the benefit of our world. Having community as both a means and an end, we hope to foster rich and meaningful connections between people, and to provide a platform for them to mutually support one another to achieve their dreams and ambitions.

This is their first event of 2013 and space is filling up quickly!

If you want to be a part of this amazing event, click HERE for ticket and event information.

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