Settling in Canada

  • transportation

    Getting Around

    Different modes of transportation available in Ontario. You can use a foreign driver’s licence for 60 days after arriving in Ontario. This section explains how to get an Ontario driver’s licence. … read article

  • SIN card

    SIN Number

    If you are a Canadian citizen, a newcomer to Canada or a temporary resident, you need a Social Insurance Number (SIN) to work in Canada or to receive benefits and services from government programs.

    Children who are 12 years of age or older may apply for their own SIN…. read article

  • OHIP Card

    Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP)

    Applying for a Health Card

    A resident of Ontario must have a health card to show that he or she is entitled to health care services paid for by OHIP…. read article

  • Questions for Newcomers

    Important questions for newcomers to Canada

    One of the priorities for newcomers to Canada is getting settled and becoming established financially… read article

  • new citizenshiip

    New Citizenship Study Guide

    A new, more comprehensive study guide for Canadian citizenship was launched on November 12, 2009 by Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney…. read article

  • settlement program

    The Newcomer Settlement Program

    Through the Newcomer Settlement Program (NSP) and the Immigrant Settlement and Adaptation Program (ISAP), RIWC offers settlement support that addresses the psycho-social needs and systemic barriers that affect the lives of immigrant and refugee women and their families during the settlement process…. read article

  • Drivers License

    Driving in Ontario

    An Ontario driver’s licence is your proof of your privilege to drive. You must carry it with you whenever you drive. Ontario has a one-piece plastic driver’s licence. The licence has a digitized photograph and signature of the driver and a magnetic information strip…. read article

  • license

    How to get an Ontario Driver’s license

    If you live in Ontario and want to drive, you must have an Ontario driver’s licence. If you are new to Ontario, this book will tell you how to get an Ontario driver’s licence…. read article

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