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    Brighter Red: An immigrant son envisions Canada

    Gavin Barrett was among those strangers who helped me when I came to Toronto in July 2008. Although he’s from Mumbai I met him in Toronto. As it turned out, his suggestion led to my working at the Indo-Canada Chamber of article

  • Papa Tree

    My Papa Tree

    As a young school boy, I treaded past the orchard on my way back home. Surrounded by hills creating a border on the horizon between the earth and sky, this beautiful orchard always invoked divine peace in my mind…. read article

  • arrival survival

    Arrival Survival Canada

    Arrival Survival Canada: A Handbook for New Immigrants is now a national bestseller…. read article

  • Ranjit

    The Endless Journey

    I came to Canada in 1986, I had taught in England for 8 years (Physics, Chemistry, General Science) and began home tutoring through ‘Parosi’ and taught South Asian families English…. read article

  • AJ

    My success story as a Newcomer to Canada

    I’m proud of whatever I’ve been able to achieve in a short span since I’ve been in this country…. read article

  • dce

    Do you have Canadian Experience?

    This book is an account of one South Asian woman’s journey in Canada. The title is the question asked by the employers in Ontario, Canada, when a new immigrant goes for a job interview. She feels that the question, “Do you have Canadian experience?” is both ridiculous and unfair…. read article

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    Hello EcoDesi here.
    So a few days ago I wrote about the 3 R’s of environmentalism.  To recap for those of us that don’t remember or who probably didn’t read my blog (which is probably the majority of you I know  ) , they are:… read article

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    The Three R’s

    Hello EcoDesi here.

    So I recently bought a laptop. And in order to be green (and save a few bucks) I decided to buy a slightly used one. I found a shop close to my home that calls itself a computers and electronics outlet. I just walked in and started asking questions. This was my first experience in buying a laptop so I wasn’t sure what I needed but the sales guys were very helpful…. read article

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    Hello, EcoDesi here.

    Ok so the past week was a busy one. Not really but I like to say that so people think I have friends…. read article

  • eco-earth

    What is an EcoDesi?

    Hello, EcoDesi here. That’s right, EcoDesi.

    Has a nice ring to it, I think.

    So who or what is an EcoDesi? First off it is a who, not a what. And the definition (drum roll please):

    It is an individual having ties to the Indo-subcontinent who has decided to incorporate being green into his/her lifestyle…. read article