• Toronto real estate

    Canadian housing prices set to rise in 2011

    A new survey says Canada’s real estate market is heading into a stronger-than-expected year that will likely see home prices steadily rise, while overall transactions moderate…. read article

  • Buying a home

    Home Purchase Intentions Full Steam Ahead: RBC Poll

    Vast majority of Canadians view buying a home as a good investment.  Home buying momentum in Canada continues to gain steam with the portion of Canadians who are very likely to purchase a home in the next two years rising to 10 per cent from seven per cent two years ago, according to the 17th Annual RBC Homeownership Study. Younger Canadians, aged 18 to 24, will lead the charge this year, with those very likely to buy… read article

  • For Rent

    Renting a home in Ontario

    Finding rental housing in Ontario can be difficult. Many cities have a shortage of rental housing. You might have to compete with others for a rental apartment or house, especially if the rent is low and the apartment or house is in good condition. What do I need to know about renting a home?

    You can find information about vacancy rates (the percentage of rental housing that is available to rent) in What are the apartment vacancy rates in Ontario?… read article

  • Canadian Housing Guide

    Newcomer’s Guide to Canadian Housing

    How to Find, Rent or Buy a Home in Canada…. read article